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HU-HCNA Security

Constructing Basic Security Network Training

United Arab Emirates:
USD 1,872.00 excl. VAT

Duration: 5 Days


Who should attend:

  • Operators and Maintainers
  • Administrators


An individual course planning is possible for this course.
  • Be familiar with TCP/IP elementary knowledge
  • Be familiar with Router&Switch elementary knowledge
Course Objectives

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand OSI model
  • Understand TCP/IP principles
  • Understand TCP/IP security issues
  • Understand Common attack means
  • Understand the definition and classification of firewalls.
  • Understand firewall Main features and technologies.
  • Understand the Data forwarding process and basic configuration of firewalls.
  • Understand the functions and classification of ACLs.
  • Understand firewall Security Policy and configuration
  • Understand the principles of the NAT technology.
  • Understand the application of NAT.
  • Understand the NAT configuration of firewalls.
  • Understand firewall Dual-System Hot Backup basic technology
  • Understand firewall User Management
  • Understand firewall VLAN//SA/E1/ADSL/WLAN/3G technology
  • Understand the concept and functions of VPN.
  • Understand key VPN technologies.
  • Understand the classification and application of VPN.
  • Understand the application scenarios of VPDN.
  • Understand the principles of L2TP.
  • Understand the application scenarios of client-initialized and NAS-initialized L2TP VPN.
  • Understand the configuration of L2TP.
  • Understand the principles and implementation of GRE VPN.
  • Understand the security mechanism of GRE VPN.
  • Understand the typical application and configuration of GRE VPN.
  • Understand the principles of the IPSec technology.
  • Understand the AH and ESP technologies.
  • Understand the service process of IKE.
  • Understand the application scenarios and configuration of IPSec VPN.
  • Understand the principles of the SSL VPN technology.
  • Understand the Basic functions and features of the SVN product.
  • Understand the configuration of SSL VPN.
  • Understand firewall UTM basic technology
  • Understand what terminal security is.
  • Understand the components and deployment of the Policy Center system.
  • Understand the organizational management and access control functions of the Policy Center system.
  • Understand the security policy configuration of the Policy Center system.
Course Content

Network Security Overview

  • OSI Model Introduction
  • TCP/IP Introduction
  • TCP/IP Security Issues
  • Common Network Attacks

Basic Firewall Technology

  • Firewall Overview
  • Firewall function and features
  • Firewall device management
  • Basic Firewall Configuration

Firewall Security Policy

  • Packet Filtering Technology
  • Firewall packet forward principles
  • Application of Firewall Security Policy

Network Address Translation Technology

  • Introduction to Network Address Translation Technology
  • NAT Technology Based on the Source IP Address
  • NAT Technology Based on the Destination IP Address
  • Bidirectional NAT Technology
  • NAT Application Scenario and Configuration

Firewall Dual-System Hot Backup basic Technology

  • Dual-System Hot Backup Principles
  • Dual-System Hot Backup Basic Networking and Configuration Commands

Firewall User Management

  • User Authentication overview
  • AAA Technology Principles
  • User Management Application

Firewall Networking

  • VLAN Feature Technology
  • SA and E1 Feature Technology
  • ADSL Feature Technology
  • WLAN Feature Technology
  • 3G Feature Technology

VPN Overview

  • VPN Introduction
  • VPN technologies
  • VPN classification


  • VPDN Overview
  • L2TP VPN Technology
  • Client-Initialized L2TP
  • NAS-Initialized L2TP


  • GRE VPN Overview
  • GRE VPN Technology
  • Analyzing the Application Scenarios of GRE VPN


  • IPSec VPN Overview
  • IPSec VPN Architecture
  • AH Technology
  • ESP Technology
  • IKE Technology
  • IPSec VPN Application Scenarios


  • SSL VPN Overview
  • SSL VPN Technology
  • SSL VPN Security Policy
  • SSL VPN Application Scenario

Firewall UTM basic Technology

  • Background of UTM
  • Firewall UTM basis Technology
  • Firewall UTM Technology  Application

Terminal Security

  •  Overview of Terminal Security
  •  Deployment of the Policy Center System
  •  Deployment of Terminal Security Policies
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