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Huawei Certified Network Professional - Routing & Switching Training

United Arab Emirates:
USD 4,600.00 excl. VAT

Duration: 15 Days

Who should attend:

  • Those who hope to become a network professional
  • Those who hope to obtain HCNP-R&S certificate
An individual course planning is possible for this course.
Associated Certificates

Huawei Certified Network Professional


HCNA certification or the similar knowledge

Course Objectives

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Configure OSPF
  • Configure BGP
  • Describe the principle of IGMP,PIM-SM/DM
  • Describe the principle of VLAN, QinQ, STP, RSTP and MSTP
  • Configure VLAN, Mux VLAN, Super VLAN and QinQ
  • Configure STP, RSTP and MSTP
  • Describe the basic principle of network security
  • List the features of USG
  • Describe IP QoS end-to-end process
  • List High Availability technology
Course Outline

OPRS1 HCNP-R&S-IERN Huawei Certified Network Professional - Routing and Switching - Implementing Enterprise Routing Network

  • Module 1-Advenced IP
  1. Advanced IP Address Planning
  • Module 2-OSPF
  1. OSPF Routing Protocol Basics
  2. OSPF Neighbor and Adjacency
  3. OSPF Protocol Packet and LSA
  4. OSPF Neighbors and Adjacencies
  5. Calculating OSPF Intra-area Routes
  6. OSPF Inter-area Routing
  7. OSPF External Routing
  8. OSPF Special Areas
  9. OSPF Troubleshooting
  10. OSPF Extension
  •   Module 3-BGP
  1. BGP Overview
  2. Working Principle of BGP
  3. BGP Route Selection
  4. BGP Route Aggregation
  5. BGP Routing Policies
  6. BGP Route Reflection and Confederation
  7. BGP Multi-homing
  8. BGP Troubleshooting
  • Module 4- Route Selection and Control
  1. Route Selection Tools
  2. Routing Policies
  3. Policy based Route Selection
  • Module 5- Multicast
  1. IP Multicast Basics
  2. IGMP Protocol Principles
  3. PIM-DM Protocol Principles
  4. PIM-SM Protocol Principles

OPRS2 HCNP-R&S-IESN Huawei Certified Network Professional - Routing and Switching - Implementing Enterprise Switching Network

  • Module 1-VLAN
  1. VLAN Technology Principles and Configuration VLAN
  2. QinQ Principles
  • Module 2-STP
  1. STP Principles and Configuration
  2. RSTP Principles and Configuration
  3. MSTP Principles and Configuration
  • Module 3-Access technology
  1. 802.1x Principles and Configuration
  2. DHCP Principles and Application
  • Module 4-MPLS
  1. MPLS Principles
  2. LDP Principles

OPRS3 HCNP-R&S-IENP Huawei Certified Network Professional - Routing and Switching - Improving Enterprise Network Performance

  • Module 1-Firewall
  1. Basic Security Functions & Configurations
  2. NAT Functions & Configuration
  3. Attack Defense & Configurations
  4. USG Firewall Dual System and Configuration
  • Module 2- High Availability
  1. HA Technology
  2. VRRP Principle and Configuration
  • Module 3-QoS
  1. IP QoS Overview
  2. Differentiated Services Model Overview
  3. IP QoS Technologies
  4. Class-based QoS
  5. IP QoS Implementation on High-end Routers of Huawei
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