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Huawei Career Certifications  


HCNA-VC covers but is not limited to:
VC development trends
Huawei VC product system
Typical application cases of Huawei VC products
Networking of Huawei VC products
ViewPoint terminal, vSwitch System, ResourceManager, and 8650/8860 MCU

HCNA-VC certification validates the knowledge and skills required for basic configuration and maintenance of the video conferencing (VC) applications in small and medium-sized networks.

HCNA-VC certification shows proven basic understanding of video technology and VC technology and a good grasp of VC technology oriented towards SMEs.

With HCNA-VC certified engineers, enterprises gain a basic understanding of video technology and Huawei's enterprise VC technology as well as performing basic configuration and troubleshooting of Huawei's VC system.